1. What is LED?

LED (light-emitting diode) is an electrical device which generates light through a semiconductor chip. In comparison, traditional incandescent lamp generates light by heating up a filament wire inside the bulb (incandescence) and fluorescent lamp by running a current through mercury vapour (fluorescence).

     2. Why should I use LEDs instead of CFLs or incandescent lamps?

LEDs are much more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly than incandescent lamps or CFLs. Incandescent lamps consume a lot of energy, a large percentage of which is wasted as heat emission. In comparison, LEDs uses 80% less energy. CFLs generate UV rays, which can be harmful with prolong exposure. CFLs also contain small amounts of the toxin mercury, disposal of which can be problematic. LEDs, on the other hand, are 100% recyclable. Lastly, both incandescent and CFL brightness visibly decline over use. One of the most noticeable problems with CFLs is the flickering, which most commonly occurs after the lamp is turned on. LEDs do not have these problems.

     3. Why Han Star LEDs?

We at Han Star are proud of our LED products. We take quality very seriously. As such, all of our LEDs are designed and manufactured in-house, to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process and strict quality control. All of our LEDs have a three-year warranty. 

     4. What is the warranty on Han Star LED products?

Three years direct exchange. For more details on conditions, visit our warranty page.

     5. How to choose a suitable LED lamp for your home or commerical space? 

There are several factors to consider: 

  • Socket – there are several available (including GU10, GU5.3, or E26) – The E26 (Edison-type) is the most common. If the socket fits traditional incandescent lamps, it is more than likely an E26.
  • Bulb Type – Spotlight (MR-series or PAR-series) or floodlight (A-series).
  • Colour Temperature – 2700K (warm), 3000K, 4000K, 5000K (cold) – For homes and restaurants, we recommend the warmer colour temperatures (2700K and 3000K) as it creates more ambience.
  • Dimmability – most of our LEDs are TRIAC dimmer-compatible

     6. Are there rebates available? How do I apply for them? 

For businesses considering using LEDs in their commercial space, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) currently offers rebate incentives through the saveONenergy Retrofit Program. For more information, visit here.

For the home, there are bi-annual COUPON EVENTS which offer instant discounts on ENERGY STAR-certified LEDs. For more information, visit here.