Company Profile

Han Star Co. Ltd. began as an importer of consumer electronics and household products, including tape rewinders, karaoke machines, and massage chairs. Han Star has always been a leader in inducting the newest electronic trends into the Canadian market, including aerobic foot exercisers, personal grooming electronics, and the popular toy phenomenon - Tamagochi.

In 1996, Han Star became the official Ontario distributor of a special line of ThermosĀ® products designed for the Asian community. Within five years, Han Star expanded its distribution area to nationwide, a position it holds to present day.

Sensing the evolving market, Han Star Co. Ltd. decided to diversify into energy-efficient lighting in 2009. Hence, to better service our LED clients, Hanstar Optoelectronic Inc. was established as an official subsidiary of Hanstar Co.Ltd. in July of 2012. Collaborations with the NKG Group, a major ODM and OEM manufacturer for brand-name household and computer electronics, led to top-quality solid-state lighting products with market-competitive rates, which Han Star Optoelectronic Inc. is proud to introduce to the public under its banner.